TNA has worked with Bentley to promote the brand via strategic PR, events, activations and brand collaborations

“The Trish Nicol Agency is powered by Trish Nicol… a sophisticated business woman with an eye for luxury and lifestyle trends. Trish is the public relations face of a list of enviable luxury brands and clients, and an astutely successful communications professional. Always at the cutting edge, she remains personal, approachable and reliable.

Trish has been an essential ingredient in many of my key projects over the last few years, but I became a raving fan when she worked her magic during one of my most challenging projects, coordinating the Bentley Sydney Polo Cup at the Sydney Polo Country Club. I would not hesitate to recommend Trish and her team to anyone seeking representation.”

James J. Jancu
Principal Consultant
JANCU BRAND DEVELOPMENT Former General Manager Marketing – Bespoke Brands, Trivett Group