5 Tips for Great Event Photography

That a visual is the new media release, capturing your event correctly has never been more important. Here are 5 tips to ensure you get it right first time.

  1. Don’t assume your photographer knows what you want. Always provide a written brief.
  2. If you want your event on social such as Instagram and Tik Tok ensure enough photos are oriented vertically.
  3. If your event imagery is for newsletters, blogs or websites be sure to have enough imagery oriented horizontally.
  4. Hire more than one photographer for events over 100 people
  5. Remember to capture the details that showcase the creative elements of the event – the catering, entertainment, atmosphere and the fashionable details. This works especially well on social.
  6. Hire your photographer carefully, look at their Instagram and previous work. Don’t always hire the cheapest, hire the best for the style of event.