In today’s mediascape, you must have a strong story to tell. If you need to push your product, that can work on your social media platforms, EDMs, newsletters and blogs. But, when it comes to media coverage, you need to find those storytelling moments. A new penthouse or light and dark colour scheme isn’t news—no one cares.

In the last five years, digital and social media have fundamentally changed the way PR works.

Once upon a time, media outlets had the power to decide which ideas, products and services the public wanted to hear about.
Now, audiences hold the power. With search and social at their fingertips, consumers know what they’re looking for and have the tools to find it.

In the past, publications would run small news pieces as favours or simply out of enthusiasm. Today’s smaller journalist teams and easily measurable results make it much harder to justify these sorts of articles. Resources are now focused on stories that will travel and attract clicks.

In today’s PR environment, it’s essential to recognise why the challenges of generating media interest have changed.